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Not only does Baltimore have a rat problem, many other cities do as well
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Growing San Francisco Rat Infestation Creates Huge Demand For Exterminators 22 Jan 2018

Rats Are Taking Over New York City 22 May 2019

'They Are Huge': Rats Invade Block in Philadelphia Neighborhood 25 July 2019

Seattle Airport Has Unwelcome Visitors: Rats 10 Sep 2018

(Chicago) This Is the Most Rat-Infested City in America 5 Feb 2019

These Are America's 50 Most Rat-Infested Cities 19 Oct 2018
1. Chicago, Illinois
2. Los Angeles, California
3. New York, New York
4. Washington, DC
5. San Francisco, California
6. Detroit, Michigan
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8. Cleveland, Ohio
9. Baltimore, Maryland
10. Denver, Colorado

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